HP-K Pro – Hydrophobic Masonry Injection

BKM.MANNESMANN’s durable water repellent products are the right solution for protecting your investment. Our HP Pro product line prevents moisture penetration of masonry walls, thereby eliminating one of the most significant causes of building damage. HP Pro products seal out dampness, but they do not trap in moisture vapour.  Thus, the breathability of your walls remains fully intact.

The Problem: Wet Basement Walls

The Cause:  The exterior basement walls were exposed to rising damp and horizontal penetrating moisture. The damp proof course was missing, damaged, or incorrectly installed.

The Consequences:  Water rose up in the basement walls and partially into the above level. Damage occurred as a result of the leaking facades.  Paint and plaster flaked off of the wet basement walls, and the exterior plaster burst. High humidity resulted in damage to the homeowner’s personal items.

The Solution:  BKM.MANNESMANN’s HP-K Pro was selected and injected into the identified problem areas, where it spread and formed a perfect water barrier in the walls.

The Result:  The basement walls are now dry. The humidity has decreased, and a functional basement air has set in!

General Information about HP-K Pro

HP-K Pro is an injection material for creating both horizontal and vertical barriers against rising damp and lateral moisture penetration in mineral masonry walls. Moisture can enter a wall when a building’s dampproofing is deficient, defective, or non-existent (Image 1). This problem can be solved by injecting HP-K Pro to create a vapour-permeable moisture barrier in the wall. HP-K Pro injections do not seal the masonry pores. After application, the wall retains or regains its normal thermal insulation properties. This result is achieved thanks to HP-K Pro’s unique formula — a special polymer incorporated into a low-viscosity, high-purity paraffin oil. The HP-K Pro barrier is highly effective, and it is not harmful to human or animal health.

How it Works

After HP-K Pro is injected into the wall, the paraffin oil gradually evaporates from the masonry. At the end of the reaction time of two to three weeks, the only substance that remains in the masonry pores is a permanent water-repellent polymer. The drying process is similar to that of paint.

HP-K Pro is not water-soluble. It can be applied even in completely waterlogged masonry. HP-K Pro does not mix with the water already present in the masonry pores. With a relatively lower surface tension than water, HP-K Pro drives excess moisture out of the wall ensuring excellent water displacement even in the most difficult applications. HP-K Pro can also be injected into masonry that has internal mortar voids because it doesn’t need high pressure to spread. Therefore, elaborate mortar repair procedures are not necessary prior to application.

The absorption of HP-K into building materials is achieved in two ways which in turn drives moisture out by:

  1. Physical pressure using the BKM Mannesmann pump system.
    This is where physical air pressure displaces the paraffin oil into the capillaries, physically “forcing” moisture out.
  2. Capillary pressure is created by the paraffin oil having a lower viscosity than water. The surface tension of paraffin oil is also lower than the surface tension of water, which enables the paraffin to produce the necessary capillary pressure to displace the water from the capillaries.
    As the paraffin oil penetrates the capillaries, the BKM designed polymers within the paraffin, synthetically coat a pico-sized lining on the capillary walls, creating a permanent high surface tension within the building materials.

Another advantage for HP-K Pro users is the wide distance between injection holes. Due to HP-K Pro’s unique ability to spread in masonry, most applications allow 25 cm spacing between injection holes. A complete horizontal barrier can be established with only one row of HP-K Pro injections.


HP-K Pro can be applied in all kinds of mineral building materials. It is particularly suitable for application in brick, hollow brick, concrete, natural stone, rubble stone, limestone, sandstone, and aerated concrete. Destructive and expensive investigation of the masonry to determine the salt or sulphate burden, or the degree of humidity, is not necessary with HP-K Pro. The suitability of HP-K Pro for a particular application can be determined by using non-destructive testing techniques.

To generate a continuous horizontal barrier in mineral building materials, a single layer of HP-K Pro is injected, at 25 cm intervals, via low-pressure packer lance injection system. Application rates are electronically controlled.  A precise number of millilitres are injected into the masonry.  Installers can measure and accurately calculate beforehand the amount of product required to create a secure barrier, thereby reducing product waste. HP-K Pro can also be used to create a vertical moisture barrier in below-grade basement walls. Other methods of moisture barrier installation require access to the wall from the basement’s exterior. These other methods potentially require costly excavation and destruction of gardens or adjacent structures. Such issues can be avoided with HP-K Pro. HP-K Pro is injected into the wall from the basement’s interior (Image 4).  So, a continuous vertical moisture barrier can be installed with less disruption.


BKM.MANNESMANN’s HP-K Pro is manufactured in Germany under strict quality control standards. BKM.MANNESMANN AG holds high product quality standards throughout Europe and stands proud of products bearing the name BKM.MANNESMANN. Therefore, every customer is sure to receive the highest quality products and installation.
BKM.MANNESMANN AG provides a legal guarantee, a voluntary warranty of 25-years from the date of completion, ensuring the durability and functionality of all HP-K Pro hydrophobic masonry barrier treatments installed by BKM.MANNESMANN certified professionals.

Horizontal Barrier with HP-K Pro


  • Safe and easy installation with strong hydrophobic effect
  • Can be used on masonry with extremely high moisture content
  • Suitable for all kinds of mineral masonry
  • Solvent is ecological and not harmful to health
  • No subsequent formation of harmful substances
  • Fast preparation and installation
  • Calculated service life of the barrier is 80-90 years
HP-K-Pro is available in 25 litre containers up to 1000 litre containers

HP-K-Pro is available in 25 litre containers up to 1000 litre containers

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