Fassadenschutz mit HP-F-Pro

HP-F Pro – Breathable Facade Protection

General Information about HP-F Pro

HP-F Pro is a permanent, invisible, water-repellent facade treatment that prevents rainwater penetration of masonry walls. HP-F Pro also prevents frost damage, dirt accumulation, and the formation of efflorescence, algae, and moss on building exteriors. The treatment creates a vapour-permeable barrier that keeps wall facades dry. HP-F Pro promotes an optimal moisture balance between the masonry and the building’s interior.  It also improves the thermal insulation performance of the whole building, potentially reducing energy costs.

How it Works

HP-F Pro does not seal or clog building material pores. After the HP-F Pro treatment has dried, the wall regains its normal thermal insulation properties. This result is achieved thanks to HP-F Pro’s unique formula — a special polymer incorporated into a low-viscosity, high-purity paraffin oil.  The paraffin oil gradually evaporates after application.

After a short reaction process, all that remains in the wall pores is a lasting, water-repellent, UV-stable polymer. The visible result is the well-known lotus effect, whereby rainwater will bead up and roll off of the building facade. The HP-F Pro barrier is highly effective, and it is not harmful to human or animal health.

Areas of Application

With the exception of gypsum, HP-F Pro is suitable for application on all absorbent mineral materials (all building facade materials that can be penetrated by water).
Suitable materials include:

  • Porous Brick and Hard-burnt Clinker
  • Lime & Limestone
  • Aerated Concrete
  • Exposed Concrete
  • Facade Plaster
  • Sandstone
  • Grout

General Application

HP-F Pro is applied on the building’s facade using a special spraying method. Due to its unique capabilities, the material crawls and penetrates into the masonry pores. After a short reaction time, the lotus effect becomes evident and rainwater will bead up and roll off of the facade. Over time the beading effect may decrease due to environmental factors, but the facade protection remains durable and water-repellent.  The functionality of the treatment can be checked at any time by using a Karsten tube to measure water penetration of the facade.

Mould Prevention with HP-F Pro

Much of the humidity existing in the residential interior escapes by regular airing, but humidity also diffuses from the inside out through the wall. A wet facade restricts moisture vapour movement, contributing to condensation formation. Condensation, together with wallpaper or other growing medium, provides an ideal environment for mould growth. This problem can be solved with HP-F Pro. After HP-F Pro treatment the building facade remains dry, interior humidity can dissipate through the wall, and the livelihood for mould is eliminated.

Energy Savings with HP-F Pro

Wet walls are not only a breeding ground for potentially harmful moulds. Wet walls also contribute to higher heating costs. Like a wet sweater, a wet wall is not a good insulator. Water is highly conductive. Thermographic studies have shown that a wall with a 10% moisture content will lose 25% of its insulating capability. This problem can be solved with HP-F Pro. A facade treated with HP-F Pro repels rainwater, so the wall pores remain filled with air — a good thermal insulator. This results in less heat energy loss and potentially lower heating costs.


BKM.MANNESMANN HP-F Pro is manufactured in Germany under strict quality control standards.  BKM.MANNESMANN AG holds high product quality standards throughout Europe and stands proud of products bearing the name BKM.MANNESMANN.  Therefore, every customer is sure to receive the highest quality products and installation.
BKM.MANNESMANN AG provides a legal guarantee, a voluntary warranty of 25-years from the date of completion, ensuring the durability and functionality of all HP-F Pro hydrophobic facade treatments installed by BKM.MANNESMANN certified professionals.


Moisture damage can only be successfully eradicated if its cause has been carefully investigated. Your BKM.MANNESMANN partner will therefore consider not only the visible surface damage, but will also use electronic measuring instruments, to analyse the moisture profile of the wall. If the extent and cause of the damage is determined, our partner will tell you on the spot if the problem can be permanently eliminated with HP Pro products.

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