HA-UW – two-part resin


BKM.MANNESMANN HA-UW is used to prevent penetration of pressurized water in masonry and concrete. The material is injected using high-pressure injection pumps.
The low viscosity and long pot life of HA-UW mean you can be sure of filling even the finest cracks. The mix ratio is 3:1 (three parts resin to one part hardener).


HA-UW is an unfilled, solvent-free, transparent two-part resin with a long pot life and low handling viscosity.

Technical data

Mix ratio: 3 pbw of resin
1 pbw of hardener
Colour: transparent
Mix viscosity mPa.s: approx. 300 at +21ºC
Pot life: approx. 80-90 minutes
(200g batch at ambient temp. of +21 ºC)


When using BKM.MANNESMANN HA-UW, avoid all contact with moisture. Exceptions are detailed in the product leaflet. All hand-held tools and equipment must be dry and clean. Resin and hardener are designed to be mixed in precise proportion. The mix ratio is 3:1 (three parts resin to one part hardener).

The mix ratio is always calculated using parts by weight, not parts by volume. When using partial quantities, always use scales to ensure you achieve the right mix ratio. To mix both parts, use a slowly-running rotating mixer with a paddle attachment. Small quantities can be mixed by hand with a stirring stick or palette knife. Before mixing, stir the resin thoroughly. Then add the hardener in the prescribed proportion and mix the two parts together until fully amalgamated. To ensure the right mix proportion is achieved, make sure you scrape down any material clinging to the sides of the receptacle. Empty the mixture from the receptacle but do not scrape out any residue clinging to the sides.

The handling time quoted is based on the material, the environmental atmosphere and the temperature of the masonry/concrete to be treated all being at 21°C and also on the quantity of product being applied. Higher temperatures will speed up the setting process while lower temperatures will slow it down. The temperature of the resin during handling should not go below 10°C or above 30°C. The product should therefore be stored in a cool place when the ambient temperature is high. At lower ambient temperatures, the material can be stored next to a heat source or placed in a warm water bath (make sure the container is tightly closed). Dry the container thoroughly on removing from the water. Handling time is also dependent on batch quantity and the amount of time it is left to stand. Mix only the amount of material that you have time to apply in the specified pot life.

Delivery and storage

BKM.MANNESMANN HA-UW comes in twin containers with a combined weight of 32kg including hardener. Both resin and hardener come in plastic containers. Opened containers must be completely re-sealed so as to be airtight. Do not pour unused product back into the container. The maximum storage time stated in the product leaflet is based on unopened containers being stored indoors at a temperature of 18°C. The use-by date is printed on the label. If storage time is exceeded or storage conditions change, test a small amount of the material before use to check that its reactivity has not been impaired.

Equipment cleaning

Use BKM.MANNESMANN HA-UW cleaning agent. Only use the cleaning agent for cleaning equipment and tools and to remove spillages and stains. Never use it as a thinning agent as the addition of thinner would significantly affect the chemical and physical properties of the two-part resin.


Unopened containers can be kept at a temperature of 18°C for about six months from their date of manufacture.

Safety notice

Protect skin and eyes from hardener and synthetics sprayers. Please also refer to the DIN health and safety data and the regulations on hazardous goods and dangerous substances printed on the label. Ensure working areas are well ventilated when applying material to external surfaces. Smoking and naked flames are strictly forbidden.

This information is intended for guidance purposes only. It is not intended to be valid for all possible applications. It is recommended that you always try out a test run suitable for the job you are intending to complete.