BKM.Mannesmann AG

The name Mannesmann stands for industrial history. Our origin dates back more than 100 years to Remscheid, Germany. In 1886, Reinhard Mannesmann developed the worldwide patented production procedure for seamless tubes. Until this day, this technology has found international acceptance and recognition for industrial and other use.

The name Mannesmann stands for a high state of technology and quality in all of our subsequently established product areas and branches. In 1970 the third generation, Reinhard C. Mannesmann, laid the foundation for what later became the R.C. Mannesmann Company Group. An important invention at that time was the water quantity flow regulator, also known as the Mannesmann Regulator.

BKM.MANNESMANN AG stands for high-quality systems for protecting mineral masonry against moisture penetration. Our systems prevent mould problems and improve and preserve the integrity of structures–particularly house walls, foundation walls and foundations.

For this purpose, we have developed our own product line. By taking products from BKM.Group, acquiring and optimizing products from other companies, and developing our own unique formulas we have built our product line to exceed industry standards.
Now, these unique products are offered worldwide by BKM.Group via direct sale and licensed distribution.